This is simply a starting off point for discussions, journaling, and more. Many of
these questions can be asked before the students head out into the community.

Reflect on your dance background. When did you first see or experience dance? Where
... did you take classes - at your school, at a studio, etc? Any strong memories? Anyone
... in particular - a performer or a teacher - that made a strong impact?

If you could go back to your hometown and give something back - what would you do,
... where, and with whom?

What do you value about dance? What do you love about dance?

Should dance be a part of public education? What is its role and purpose? What can it
... offer students?

Reflect on the idea of “performance as giving.”

Giving and receiving. Why do you dance? What does it provide you? What would you
... like to “give back,” and to whom?

What can you do for the community? What is the community doing for you?

Research where dance is happening in the community right now. Use the internet, site
... visits, phone calls, and e-mails to find as many as you can.

General brainstorm - Where can dance, dance classes, dance performances take
... place in our community? What are the barriers that prevent people from dancing or
... seeing dance?

General brainstorm - what are all of the possible jobs you could have as a dancer after
... you graduate?

What do I bring?
... What do I know?
... What can I do?
... What do I want to learn?
... What did I do?
... What did I learn?
... What do I want to learn more about?

Do kindness and compassion fit into dance?

Tackling the ideas of self-indulgence, self-absorption, and selflessness in dance... .

What is the role of volunteerism within dance?