Artwork by Amber Heaton

Teaching classes
Being a teaching assistant

Office help
Event help

Working with a service organization
Making your voice be heard
Writing, calling, and attending events

Examples include:

- Administrative work for a dance company
- Teaching dance in an afterschool program
- A college dance department’s performing group performing at local K-12 public schools
- Volunteering at the Arts Council’s annual fundraiser
- Creating a dance at the local senior center
- Being a teaching assistant in a dance class at the local public high school
- Regional work for the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) or your state’s
- education association, such as the California Dance Education Association (CDEA)

What kinds of courses could have a service component?

- Composition courses
- Students could assist a local company with putting up a show, including outreach
- work, ushering, box office work, etc. while seeing choreographers working firsthand to
- produce their work. Students could also go to a local high school and watch their
- choreography and provide feedback, or choreograph a piece on the students.

- Dance education course
- Students assist classes or student teach at a local school or afterschool program.

- Senior seminar/capstone course
- Students could pursue a personal interest of theirs, whether that be related to being
- a performer, starting a company, teaching at a high school, etc. Students assess the
- community and find an appropriate community partner for their individual project.

- A pure service-learning course
- A department could offer a course with the specific goal of working in thecommunity through
- dance-related service projects